11:45-12:30 PM

Brittany Drozd, LICSW


Brittany Drozd, LICSW helps success-oriented individuals to stop living for everyone else so they can live the life they really want with greater clarity, direction and fulfillment.

Brittany helps clients reach their best selves by exploring all aspects of their lives, including health, career, and personal relationships. Brittany loves kitesurfing, eating cupcakes, and crossfitting in her free time.


Re-tell your story: Our narratives about ourselves can be quite negative, so we keep them to ourselves and have shame about our inner critic. This activity asks you to share those narratives and challenges you to make them different.

Now That's Service: Find out what's serving you (and what's not) in your relationships, goals, etc.

Communication is Key: Learn how to ditch the shame and ask for exactly what you want!

Monica Singh, Esq. 


Monica is an accomplished and driven corporate attorney. She currently serves as an Assistant General Counsel at a multi-national pharmaceutical company, its worldwide headquarters in Paris, France. Her previous work includes serving as an Associate in the Boston, MA office of one of the world’s premier law firms, Ropes & Gray.

Monica has represented and provided comprehensive legal support to all kinds of sophisticated companies including leading retailers, global technology and life sciences companies. She’s also been fortunate to blend her passion for sports with her legal expertise, drafting and negotiating endorsement, sponsorship and license agreements with athletes, clubs, leagues and federations in all sports categories.

Monica believes in the power of positive mentorship and understands that career paths aren’t always a ladder. Originally enrolled in dental school, she made the shift from dentistry to law and believes that change is just an opportunity in disguise. She regularly mentors students and young professionals and has made media appearances educating on career transitions and law. Monica was distinguished by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly in 2013 as an “Excellence in the Law” honoree. Monica contributes to various web publications including Inspire52, and believes that law is fun, exciting and accessible for all!


“Because you fail, and then what? Life goes on. It’s only when you risk failure that you discover things. When you play it safe, you’re not expressing the utmost of your human experience.” -Lupito Nyong’o

Career paths aren’t always a ladder — transitions are common and can be difficult personal and professional decisions. Changing roles, taking on additional responsibility, or switching tracks entirely can be managed more effectively with a strong support network and a plan in place to make change work to your advantage. In an interactive discussion, Sanofi’s Monica Singh, who successfully jumped from dental school to law school and has networked her way to a position she enjoys, will share her strategies for managing a transition in your professional life. Whether you’re a recent graduate with a degree you have no idea what to do with or a professional leaping into new territory, this workshop is for you and will help you focus on making your career health a priority.


Danielle Thompson


Hiking extraordinaire. Self proclaimed technology guru. Do-gooder. Problem solver. Lover of Life. Passionate!

Danielle started her career as a Realtor back in 2009 and hasn't looked back ever since. Her previous marketing, advertising, and sales background has served Danielle well in the real estate industry. Danielle has previously managed an office of agents responsible for $40 million dollars worth of real estate.

If she is not in her office or running around the community you can find Danielle at real estate board meetings and trying to soak up as much info as she can about the ever-changing industry. Most recently, she has been down to D.C. lobbying for issues that affect homeownership.


Negotiation involves being able to communicate and reach a mutual agreement. In order to achieve a desirable outcome, it is sometimes useful to follow a structured approach. Let's learn some skills together that you can use in your business and all facets of your life!

Lily Herman


Lily Herman is co-founder of The Prospect (, one of the world's largest college admissions organizations, where she oversees a staff comprised of over 140 student contributors worldwide.

Lily is also a national editor of Her Campus, senior editorial intern at The Muse, and the editorial/social media director at HelloFlo. Her writing has also been featured on Inc., Mashable, Newsweek, TIME, and USA TODAY in recent months.

When she's not ferociously typing on her computer, she's usually found eating mass quantities of Sour Patch Kids and reading Survivor fan blogs.


So, you've created a website or blog for your personal enjoyment or for your business, but now you're wondering: How do you get eyeballs to read your content? Obviously, one of the simplest ways is to put posts up social media, but as soon as you start trying to rack up Facebook likes and Twitter followers, you realize that gaining a readership is a lot easier said than done. This panel will give you a crash course on all things social media for any blog, answering crucial questions like why it's important to have accounts in the first place and how the heck newer apps like Vine work.

Shannon Sexton Potter + Kelly Huggins


Shannon Sexton Potter and Kelly Huggins are licensed massage therapists and Co-Owners of Harmony on Hope Therapeutic Massage. The company was founded on the principle that engaging in human connection unites our community towards a greater peace, and fosters harmony within the self.

Harmony on Hope has been an active part of the community since it was founded in September of 2012. Not only have Shannon and Kelly provided a soothing atmosphere with a holistic, therapeutic focus; they also actively reach into the community to give back in as many ways as they can. They have been involved in helping many local charities including the Ronald MAcDonald House, Rhode Island Food Bank, The Groden Center, The Providence Women's Center, Foster Forward, Operations Stand Down of Rhode Island, New Urban Arts, AS220, The Providence Center, and many others.  

Both Shannon and Kelly share a background in Theater, and hail from NYC.  They met in Providence, however,  in 2013 and have been fast friends ever since. Both are licensed massage therapists with vast experience in many modalities of massage. Shannon has worked in rehabilitation facilities, chiropractic offices, spas, and private  practice. Kelly adds to the experience with her work in fitness centers, spa's, chiropractic centers, and home care massage. Their similar passion for restoring balance to body through integrated massage techniques, wellness alternatives,  and client self empowerment is the driving force behind the duo's success.


Caring for others is easy for many of us. Putting work, kids, friends, or our partners first comes naturally to most women. Sometimes we even have a hard time knowing who we are without the needs of others to define us.  This workshop will blend self discovery of what's really important to who we are, acknowledgement of the challenges we face in making ourselves just as important as others, and techniques to create more room for self-care in our lives. 

LuLu Locks


LuLu is the owner of Suite Tart, a West Side salon that blends old-school techniques with fashion forward aesthetics, and Providence Pin-Up, a vintage styling and photography studio. She has styled performance art for Liz Collins at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston and Dawn Kasper at the Whitney Museum, and has been the key artist for Lindsay Degen's look books, videos and runway shows at New York Fashion Week. As back of house manager for StyleWeek Northeast, Lulu has created custom looks for Marchesa, the Rhode Island School of Design, Dear Kate and Maria del Carmen Mercado. Lulu is also a guest lecturer at the Rhode Island School of Design, frequent participant in Chifferobe and charity events like The Red Tent, and a design team member for Alfa Parf Milano.


Every successful business requires labor hours to grow, but how do we know when its time to add employees? Or to cut back? What about outsourcing? This workshop offers the opportunity to learn from someone who went from kitchen to brick-and-mortar in less than 4 years. Pros, cons, and everything in between will be on the table for you to absorb.