Workshop descriptions

ROUND 1 • 9:45-10:45am

Crafting Your Ideal Career | Dana Dowdell: There are so many things that women face at work and what they often don't realize is that so many are within their control! This workshop will tackle identifying strengths, playing to weaknesses, and negotiating everything about your dream career!

Better Together: Creating  Accountability Partnerships that Help Us Grow | Michelle Vitale & Patsy Culp: This workshop is about equipping you with the clarity, confidence, and tools to advocate for yourself by setting up a supportive partnership that will help you stay accountable on your goals. You will: (1) get clear on what you need right now to feel more supported, confident and accountable to gather momentum on your goals, (2) learn tools to design and implement your own accountability partnership, (3) get feedback from the group to help you fine-tune your design, (4) walk away with a specific one-page accountability plan to implement right away.

Finding Your Personal Fitstyle | Shana Schneider: Your lifestyle is unique to you, and your fitness routine should be, too. Join Shana Schneider, founder of Fitstyle by Shana, as she shows you how to overcome one of the biggest challenges to getting and staying fit - time. She will help you discover your true fitness motivation (and it isn't that scale) and walk you through steps to start creating your own personalized fitstyle guide. We'll get moving in this workshop, but no fitness clothes required!

Live Your Best Life Today | Julie Sanford: Life needs to be lived in the ‘Now’ and the only thing holding us back is Ourselves. When you step away from the ‘noise’ and allow yourself a moment to breathe you will find the opening to take back control. This means having the power to embrace the beauty and chaos in every moment of everyday and choosing to design your best life. Join me in creating a clear vision and begin the journey of setting defined goals to get there.

From Pieces to Peace of Mind: Morning and Evening Rituals to Frame the Day | Katie McDonald: We have the best of intentions yet somehow we react to the day from the moment our eyes open and often collapse from exhaustion once our heads hit the pillow in the night. In between there is often chaos rather than intentional clarity.
Reconsider your daily routines and learn new strategies for self-care through daily AM and PM rituals. 

Ready, Set, Grow! | Kathryn Rose: All of us have heard the buzzword phrase ‘scaling your business’, but like so many other catch phrases, we only have a vague or fuzzy notion about exactly what it means. In this must-see presentation, Kathryn will help you discover
- the reasons you need to be scale your business
- what scaling your business actually means
- Using the SCALE criteria to walk through the 5 Immutable (absolute) laws of creating and growing a scalable business. 
- Ways to set your business up to scale
- Ways to fund your business and more!

Panel: Women Leading the Charge

ROUND 2a • 11am-12pm

Lunch Group A
Lunch includes a conversation with keynote speaker & author Emily Belden

Summit guests can choose from Lunch Group A (early lunch, late workshops) or Group B (late lunch, early workshops)

DIY PR: How to be Your Own Publicist | Rebekah Epstein: What would it mean to see your company in your local newspaper, a national magazine, or even on TV? It would mean exposure to an audience of new customers excited to do business with you. Media attention can be the catalyst for success, but most solopreneurs and small business owners don’t know how to tell their own story or who to tell it to. If only the deserving entrepreneur knew how to connect with traditional media outlets to get their story out there. Fortunately, with just a few straightforward strategies, you can get media attention to your story and business. During this workshop, you will learn:

  • A framework of ideas that capture the media's attention

  • What outlets are for you and who to contact there

  • Writing pitches that don't get deleted

  • Follow-up etiquette to get through the noise

  • Public relations is a skill every business owner can use. With this insight, you can successfully be your own publicist, get the media attention you deserve and increase sales!

Being Your Own Badass Chick | Loren Raye: Ten years ago I left college in the middle of my senior year to pursue my dream job of working in radio. Five years later, I left that (stable, cushy) job and moved to a new city with zero family and almost zero friends to start a brand new radio show on a brand new station. Both decisions were a huge leap of faith, but I knew that if I didn't jump, I wasn't practicing what I was preaching. I define "Badass Chick" as a woman or girl who is following her passion, giving back to the community and/or breaking stereotypes. Every week I interview a new Badass Chick to be highlighted on The TJ Show, and a common thread among them is their ability to set fears and insecurities aside and just freakin' GO FOR IT (even if they didn't feel "ready"). No matter your profession, my goal is to share their stories with you - mine included -to light that fire inside you and remind you that it's never too late to be your own Badass Chick.

Make Your Side Hustle Your Full-Time Gig | Alexa Curtis: Overview of my background and how I went from being in school to blogging full-time, techniques for keeping your family and friends involved even when you decide to do something different, and how to take that small money and make it into big money!

Bethany Everett | Growing Your Influence: The internet can be a very confusing place. Many of us are just starting to use Instagram or Twitter to grow our businesses. Learn the basics of what you need to focus on for a successful social media account. 

Panel: Motherhood

ROUND 2B • 12:15-1:15PM

Lunch Group 1

Lunch includes a conversation with author and keynote speaker Blair Imani

What Does Authority Sound Like? | Casey Erin Clark: Women are navigating a minefield of expectations and “do’s/do not’s” as communicators – often confusing, often reductive, and often directly contradictory. With all this noise, how can we express ourselves with confidence and clarity? In this workshop, we'll examine what makes your voice YOURS, what habits may be holding you back, and how to access the most confident, authentic, powerful version of your voice and communication style.

How to Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship | Solange Lope: This workshop will cover strategic tips for working women to transition from their corporate careers to owning their own businesses.

Clean Beauty 101 | Meredith McBride: In this workshop we will cover a brief history on the laws surrounding the beauty industry, how mainstream beauty products can be (very) harmful to your health, and which ingredients to avoid and why. I will also be sharing my favorite go-to safe products and solutions from Beautycounter, Ursa Major, Goop, and more (including some local, handmade products). I will perform a five minute makeover on one willing candidate and invite you to visit our booth for more information.

Panel: Self Care

ROUND 3 • 1:30-2:30PM

Are You Financially Fit? | Joy Liu: When you think about your money situation, do you feel fear or shame? If so, you're not alone! 2 in 10 women feel "highly confident" in making financial decisions and that's because the industry jargon and confusion is set up to make us feel this way. In this 45 minute presentation, you will have a clear picture of what your finances should look like and the roadmap to feel confidence and abundance instead of fear and shame when you think about money.

Defeating Writer's Block & Going Back to Basics | Shayla O'Keeffe: There are so many channels to get your message across these days, which means it's even more important to captivate your audience quickly. Writing is crucial for every industry, so it's important to go back to basics and find your 'writers' space. There's one strategy that can be applied across all styles and goals of writing... come find out what it is!

Women Who Lead | Jyoti Rao & Ciara N. Jones: Many organizations such as Girls Who Code, Girls Inc, and the League of Women Voters are on a mission to lead and impact the gender gap favorably related to employment, economics, politics, and many other areas. This workshop will help you uncover strategies used by these organizations and more, so you can help lead by example to empower others in your personal and professional circle.

PR yourself: Storytelling for You and Your Hustle | Megan McCourt: Consider this a primer in how to get the word out there-about you, your business, your side hustle, or whatever it is you do that people should know about. Learn the basics of how to build buzz for your brand via media relations and influencers-who to contact, what to send and how to do it to get the biggest impact!

Stand Up to Stand Out | Kathryn Rose: “Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me, Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You” - Tom Peters

“Stand Up to Stand Out” led by Kathryn Rose will help you undertstand why building a solid personal brand is no longer an option. Through a variety of hands on exercises (tips), you will discover how best to build your online and offline elements of your personal brand. And, you will also learn how to effectively represent both your company and yourself distinctly as a thought leader.

How You Will Benefit from Attending Stand Up to Stand Out:
- Understand the importance of building a compelling personal brand that will influence the direction of your career and business
- Appreciate the art of self-promotion
- Enhance your social media brand and reputation
- Establish presence, confidence and credibility
- Develop a network and building strong relationships

Panel: Authors

ROUND 4 • 2:45-3:45PM

The Power of Play: It’s Not Just For Kids | Kelly Jensen: Why do we give up play as we grow up? What happens when we incorporate a little bit of unstructured playtime into our everyday lives? This workshop will highlight different means of infusing one’s work and life with a sense of fun and explore how taking the time to play can help you grow. Attendees will walk away with easy, tangible ways to incorporate more unstructured fun into all aspects of their lives.

You are your Own Product: Managing Career Transitions | Malous Kossaria:  Join us for a collaborative discussion about the best strategies to manage career growth and transitions. My career has gone through a number of major transitions. I've worked as a chemist, a software engineer, and a product manager at a startup which was acquired by a large company. Most recently I founded my own startup developing an app for social activism. Along the way, I learned a diverse set of skills to manage transitions. Many of the workshop attendees will have their own stories and experiences to share. If you're interested in pursuing a change in your career, or if you have wisdom to contribute, please come, tell your story and we'll benefit from a mutual collaborative experience.

How An Art Minor Got Me Here | Kate Ziegler: Careers aren't what they used to be, and your path doesn't need to be either. Kate has worked in construction and hospitality, as a cave tour guide and a UN researcher, at law firms and design firms - and the road through it all looped, crossed, and skipped a few beats. In this workshop she'll share her uncommon career along with strategies for anyone looking to move up, move on, manage their hustle, and make connections between the disparate work they love; leave here ready to challenge your impostor syndrome, set #goals, tolerate setbacks, and harness the power of the pivot.

Innie Power: The Quiet Strengths of Introverted Women | Amma Marfo: In this session that is equal parts interactive and contemplative, Amma Marfo will shine a light on origins and misconceptions around introversion, draw parallels between the challenges of introverts and those of women on campus and at work, and share some strategies for making your impact heard where your voice might not be.  Look forward to a session that helps introverts to better understand themselves, and that helps extroverts to better understand their quieter counterparts.

Get Lit: Craft a Dynamite Elevator Pitch | Rebecca Rhoads:  Are you striving to increase your business? Do you want to feel more confident at networking events? Are you hoping to find a job and communicate your personal strengths? This workshop will guide you through the process of crafting a new elevator pitch. You will create a pitch that succinctly and powerfully communicates your strengths. I also create a supportive learning environment where you will practice your 1-minute pitch with a small group of 6-8 people. There is no better way to get over your fear of speaking than by actually doing it. Take this step and ignite your life!

Panel: Media

ROUND 5 • 4-5PM


Doing Good While Doing Well: How to Make an Impact While Making a Profit | Rebecca Twitchell & MaryAlice O'Connor: As a for-profit company that provides strategic planning and personal development services, half full strikes a balance between supporting its clients and supporting the work of local non-profits. While many Lady Project members share this vision, it can be challenging to donate as you’re trying to grow your side hustle. This interactive workshop will explore the ways that small business owners and consultants can invest in the community- and feel that it’s a value-added to their company.

From Lay-Z to Beyonce - How to leave the excuses behind and FINALLY turn that idea into an ICONIC business or side hustle | Kirsten La Greca: Whether it's a side hustle or a full-time venture, taking action on your big idea is no easy task. In this workshop, you'll learn the key mechanisms to bust through the excuses & fear, HOW and WHERE to actually start, and a few awesome hacks that'll create momentum right from the start. And most importantly, Kirsten will also share a few ugly truths about entrepreneurship that are rarely talked about, but everyone needs to know!

Doing Good While Doing Well: How to Make an Impact While Making a Profit | Rebecca Twitchell & MaryAlice O'Connor: As a for-profit company that provides strategic planning and personal development services, half full strikes a balance between supporting its clients and supporting the work of local non-profits. While many Lady Project members share this vision, it can be challenging to donate as you're trying to grow your side hustle. This interactive workshop will explore the ways that small business owners and consultants can invest in the community- and feel that it's a value-added to their company. 

Mind Full or Mindful? | Kayla Drozd: With our heads jam packed with to-do lists, worries, goals, and ever gloomy news... This workshop is an opportunity to explore ways to go from a mind full of stuff to ways to weave mindfulness into your world. We'll ground in the realities of a hustlin' lady life and how a few approachable practices can be weaved into your day-to-day.

  • This workshop *won't* include: judgment, pretentious preaching about mindfulness, expertise from years of study on the practice, floor sitting, or incense (not that there is anything wrong with any of these!)

  • This workshop *will* include: real experiences with different approaches to mindfulness, recognition of the reality of how hard it is to turn your brain off, breathing (it has to involve breathing!) and raisins (yes, raisins).

Intrigued? Join us. 

Ask For It: Negotiation Basics Every Woman Needs To Know | Alexandra Dickinson: The gender wage gap costs a full time working woman an average of $435,000+ over the course of her career. A woman needs to work 11 additional years to achieve income equality with a male counterpart. And if that wasn’t bad enough, when a woman reaches retirement age, she earns in less social security, since benefits are determined by wage history, and her savings must stretch about 4.9 years longer based on average life expectancy.

We may not be formally taught how to negotiate in school, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to learn. You can develop your negotiation skills now so that you can advocate for yourself in all aspects of your work and life.

This workshop will cover:

  • The negotiation basics you never learned

  • How to deal with awkward questions about your "salary requirements"

  • Why you should always make the first offer

Flexing Internal Strengths | Janet Kraus: Like all humans, you have areas of strengths and areas of improvement. When founding  Peach, we pledged to think differently about prioritizing one over the other. We chose to own our strengths instead of worrying about our "shortcomings". The outcome was something like unleashing a superpower. It allowed each of us to thrive, not only in our professional roles, but in our lives outside of work, too. The same can happen for YOU.

Getting Unstuck: Surviving to Thriving in Five Days | Wendy O'Connor: Are you living your best life or have you been feeling unfulfilled and stuck lately? Learn the most effective strategies to break out of this negative cycle so that you can finally smash your goals and create a balanced, purposeful, and satisfying life today.