Workshop descriptions

ROUND 1 • 9:45-10:45am

  • Embrace Your Weird: How to deal at work when you're a misfit: In this workshop you'll learn how feeling "weird" and outside-the-norm and achieving real, high-level success are not mutually exclusive, no matter what all those slick business guides suggest. We'll discuss how to overcome work anxiety, cope with the self-doubt and self-sabotage that are dragging you down and get and keep a career you love.

  • Emily Belden- "What's Your Fan-ta-ta-sy?" - Why This Question Matters Now More Than Ever Ludacris asked it, now Emily Belden's going to answer it. This is a witty, inspiring workshop about how to bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. Get the top tips from a top-selling author on how to to raise your boss-lady game big time.

  • Marcia Coné - Permission Granted: Changing the Paradigm for Women in Leadership: Building on her insight and experience in leadership, Marcia offers opportunities for discovering and understanding your current situation from a different, more aligned perspective. When you tap into your ability to change your circumstances, you can much more easily achieve what you most want. In this session, gain clarity about how to get what you really want, at work and in life. 
  • Alexandra Dickinson - Cultivating the Negotiation Mindset: How to Set Big Goals, Identify and Remove your Obstacles, and Create the Success You Seek: For many people, simply hearing the word "negotiation" puts them on edge. It might make you think of aggressive wheeling and dealing or stressful haggling. The good news is it doesn't have to be this way! The negotiation mindset is about setting yourself up for success through creative problem solving that goes beyond winning or losing. Join Alex Dickinson, founder and CEO of Ask For It, for this unique, guided self-reflection. You will dive into setting big goals and identifying the internal and external obstacles that stand in your way. We'll tackle how to change what you can control and influence what you can't. Plus, you'll have an opportunity to put your new skills into practice in a low-stakes environment. Master the mindset and you'll be ready to achieve your biggest goals yet.
  • Adrian Granzella Larssen - Plan Your Pivot: How to Make a Major Career Change Without Scrapping Everything You’ve Ever Worked For: Even successful women—sometimes the MOST successful women—can find themselves at the point where the career they've worked so hard at isn't what they want to be doing anymore. And while making a big change can feel overwhelming, the good news is that pivots are far more common than they used to be. Plus, you can use the skills, experiences, and network you already have to launch a new career without starting from scratch. In this workshop, you'll walk away with actionable steps to help you realistically get started on the path to your career re-launch.
  • Jordana Kier & Alex Friedman - Building A Brand By Women, For Women: LOLA is a new feminine care brand by women, for women. This panel will focus on what it takes to start a female-driven company, including but not limited to: background on why LOLA was founded, challenges the co-founders faced and lessons learned in their first year of business, the importance of customer feedback pre-launch, the value of an authentic brand voice, how to market to women and change customer behavior, how to fundraise/pitch potential investors (especially in a room full of men!), and more. 
  • Lily Herman- (Net)Work B*tch: How to Make the Internet Do Wonders for Your Career:  Nowadays, the internet is good for more than just searching the latest cat GIFs and macaron videos. In fact, lots of savvy ladies are building their entire professional networks and even landing jobs through their social media. How I do know that? I'm one of them. 

    This session is going to break down everything you need to know about how to make the internet work for your career, no matter the industry you're in.
  • Clare Bresnahan- When You Run, We All Win: Goal: Join She Should Run, a national nonprofit empowering the next generation of women elected officials. She Should Run helps women find a way to start their path towards public office. In this workshop, you will gain simple, proven tips and tools so that you can envision your unique path to elected leadership. This is not your typical political training. It is meant to spark your path to politics. It’s the beginning, not the end of your journey.

    If you agree that more diverse voices at the table would create more thoughtful conversations, better solutions, and a more effective government at every level, this workshop will inspire new possibilities for what your leadership can accomplish. Whatever interests or ambitions brings you here, She Should Run will help you find a way to impactful leadership roles.


Abbey Titcom, Yuri Tomikawa, Kim Arcand & Zalyndria Crosby

ROUND 2 • 11am-12pm

Lunch Group 2
Lunch includes The Big Life: a conversation with Ann Shoket

Summit guests can choose from Lunch Group 1 (early lunch, late workshops) or Group 2 (late lunch, early workshops)

  • Gabrielle Bill - Putting YOU into your resume: Top Techniques to Standing Out From the Crowd: The problem with resumes is that they all sound the same. "Responsible for A, B and C. Tasked with X, Y and Z." When we're bored writing our resumes, just think how bored a recruiter will be reading it! In this workshop we'll talk about the top techniques you need to adopt to write a resume that has pizzazz and really brings YOU and your personal brand to life. We'll not only review the HOW's but will also start applying the concepts together. After this workshop, you'll have the tools you need to write a stellar resume today and in the future.
  • Ellie Brown - Writing an Effective Artist Statement: This is a hands on workshop to write a draft of your artist or work statement. Often we are able to make the work easily, but find a hard time putting words to it. We will begin by finding the core of what it you do and finding the words to state that clearly and concisely. 
  • Jessica Cording - Self-Care For Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs often put themselves at the bottom of their to-do list. However, taking the time to nurture ourselves can help us be more focused and productive and enjoy a calmer work-life balance. In this presentation, we’ll discuss the importance of self-care and share tried-and-true strategies for fitting in healthy food and physical activity. We will also talk about other important aspects of self-care such as sleep, stress reduction, and connection with others. 
  • Rosalie Berrios - How to become a Miracle Magnet to kick ass in life, business and love: Join International Miracle Coach, Rosalie Berrios, and learn how to attract miracles into your life NOW! You will leave this workshop motivated, inspired and energized. Rosalie will be sharing her TOP coaching tips and techniques she teaches her private clients, which you can implement right away! If you are ready to take your life to the next level, you don't want to miss this!
  • Kaitlyn Vicente & Naomi Simmers - Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Lady Gaga - Online and Offline Community ManagementThis workshop will help you elevate your brand’s presence by creating positive engagements through moderating discussions, collaborating with peers, and creating a collective experience among your following to foster the strength of an authentic community. We’ll provide you with tips and best practices about communicating appropriately in social channels and IRL.  
  • Diana Matthews - The Importance of Female-Centric Storytelling: The Power of Sharing Your Voice: Female-centric storytelling is more important than ever as we make strides to find meaningful representation in the media, taking matters into our own hands to share our unique experiences on social platforms.This workshop will focus on combining our innate abilities as storytellers with the power of embracing vulnerability to share our voices with the world.


Loren Raye, Rebekah Epstein, Caitlin Abber, Rhonesha Byng, Vivian Nunez, Lily Herman, Elana Gross & Nisha Chittal

ROUND 2 • 12:15-1:15PM

Lunch Group 1

Summit guests can choose from Lunch Group 1 (early lunch, late workshops) or Group 2 (late lunch, early workshops)

  • Devin Donaldson - From Growing Pains to Growth That Pays: An Optimistic Approach to Business Success: In business, as in life, hearing the word “no” can sometimes feel like a crushing blow. But an optimist knows that “no” is often a shiny invitation for growth! Devin Donaldson, founder of The Optimist Co., leads this inspiring session to discuss the numerous challenges start-ups and small businesses face. An illuminating, uplifting workshop with actionable steps to help you utilize your obstacles as opportunities —and make them work for your bottom line.
  • Ashley Crouch - Easy Visibility: 5 techniques to master the media on a shoestring budget: Learn step-by-step secrets that Appleseed uses to cut through the noise, get top outlets to take notice, and land stories. See how media can leverage your brand, amplify your business, and help you get your message out there. 

  • Cynthia Newman - Money Mavens: Figuring Out Your Finances in Your 20's & 30's: Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to managing your money? Between work, family, friends, working out, volunteering, and everything else we do, sometimes financial matters can start to slip between the cracks. But The Newman Group - the mother daughter duo from Morgan Stanley - is here to help you figure out your finances in 5 simple steps! Topics include how to create a budget, the difference between saving & investing, and demystifying your retirement plan.
  • Margit Detweiler- Nice to Meet You, I Have Cancer:  After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in late 2015, Margit decided to deal with it the only way she knew how — write about it! In her column ""Ovarian Rhapsody"", she chronicled the hell and humor of going through cancer and chemotherapy, real-time as it was happening. Many lessons learned: how do you manage to keep working, delegate chores to friends, combat strange (but well-meaning) questions from friends and family? And how do you write your heart out when your life is upended by illness? This talk will be a very honest, funny and direct approach for anyone who is going through — or loves someone who has gone through — a serious illness.
  • Adebisi Adebowale - Speak Up and Network Your Way to the Opportunities You Desire:  Establishing a great network could pay dividends – it is said, “Your network is your net worth.” Forming valuable relationships and partnerships are critical not only when building your career, but also for life. In this talk, I will cover the myths and truths about networking, making your network work for you, and knowing when networking is not working.

blogger PANEL

Bethany Everett, Chrystina Cappello, Liz Elfman, Sarah Blodgett, & Melanie Patterson
Moderated by Brittanny Taylor

ROUND 3 • 1:30-2:30PM

  • Carley Barton - No Guts No Glory: Let your human experiences spill out: It takes guts to share our grit. To be unapologetically open. But that’s where the glory is. Sharing ourselves, especially in a public space, requires an amount of rawness we may not feel ready for. Join Carley for a workshop on finding your sharing comfort zone, and taking one or two steps beyond it. It's time to let it spill, baby! 
  • Victoria Cana - Get the Job: Tips and Tricks from an HR Insider: Calling all future girl bosses! In this interactive session, HR insider Victoria Cana will demystify the hiring process and provide the ultimate playbook on how to land your next job or internship. 
  • Pamela Kornblatt - An Entrepreneur's Guide to Taxes: Do you have a business, a side business, or a soon to be business but find taxes baffling?  Do you wonder:  How do I know which business expenses I can deduct? What types of business structures are there and how do these affect my taxes? How do I avoid being audited? What the heck are estimated taxes?  This workshop will answer all your pressing tax questions so you can tackle your taxes with confidence.
  • Rebekah Epstein - DIY PR for Side Hustles & Small Businesses: Learn how to get the media to pay attention to your small business or side hustle! During this workshop, you will learn the basics of public relations: 1) what kinds of story ideas capture the media's attention 2) who you should contact at different outlets 3) writing pitches that don't get deleted 4) following up to get through the noise. With this valuable information, you should be able to start breaking through the crowded inboxes at media outlets...and hopefully scoring some awesome stories about you and your business! 
  • Kelly Jensen - Be A Risk-Taking, BAMF On The Internet (While Staying Safe & Keeping A Private Life): This workshop will talk about being a voice in your online spheres, taking risks in building your online life, and how you can do those things while maintaining balance, privacy, and security in your offline life. Attendees will walk away with a privacy and security checklist, as well as a series of ways to up their badassery in their online worlds, no matter their interests. 
  • Healthcare in the Workplace-What employers need to know now: Healthcare remains one of the largest costs for business owners in RI- understanding healthcare, recent changes and the options available is critical to your bottom line. This workshop will provide training for business owners on what you need to now, commercial options available and provide a unique behind the scenes view of available programs and resources for small businesses in RI.
  • Christine Mockler Casper - Using Emotional Intelligence to Make a Difference. & Seize the Power of Emotional Intelligence: Now, more than ever, leaders, organizations, and individuals need an understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence, (EI), to increase effectiveness under pressure, enhance creativity, improve and guide their thinking, and maximize human capital. To succeed in today’s chaotic and changing world, you have to understand yourself and how you interact with others. Focusing on the skills that comprise Emotional Intelligence enables you to engage the minds and hearts of others, make excellent decisions, and attain and sustain a path of excellence and ethics. The result: truly align your core values with your actions to achieve worthwhile and meaningful results. 


Avery Pontell-Schaefer. Carole Ann Penney, Erica Busillo Adams, Erin Yarbough, Olivia Rodrigues & Deepti Sharma
Moderated by Sarah Waldo

ROUND 4 • 2:45-3:45PM

  • Paromita De - Unemployment 101: How to Make the Most of (Un)fortunate Circumstances: When we find ourselves in a situation where we are unemployed, it is natural for us to feel a barrage of emotions: confusion, worry, even shame. While it can be easy for us to get stuck in a rut during this time, unemployment provides us with a great opportunity to reflect on who we want to be and what we really want to accomplish with out lives. This workshop will allow participants to discuss the experience of unemployment and to learn about tools and resources to help them during the experience and to support them in thinking about their next steps. The goal of this workshop will be to help participants to lift the veil of stigma surrounding unemployment and to leverage this period of time to their greatest benefit. 
  • Elana Gross - Pitch Perfect: How to Get Your Writing Published:  You'll learn how to find publications, craft the perfect pitch, and become a contributing writer at leading publications. I'll also share the best practices I've learned from being published in Forbes, Fortune, TIME, Business Insider, Mashable, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Refinery 29, Women's Health, and more. 
  • Jocelyn Hardy - Grow Your Business with MailChimp: An E-Commerce Workshop: Whether you sell stuff online or you’ve just been thinking about starting your own e-commerce business, this workshop will provide you with the foundation you need to make the most of your marketing. We’ll explain how to develop a marketing strategy that fits the needs of your business, and discuss how connecting your store to MailChimp can help you build your audience, increase engagement, and generate more revenue. 
  • Jess Peterson - Storytelling for Social: More than ever, brands are looking to connect with their audiences through genuine online stories, inspiring them to learn more, take action, and share with their community. But in a saturated media landscape, how will they really stand out? Join CEO & Creative Producer Jess Peterson for an interactive workshop that offers practical tips, industry trends, and examples on how your brand, agency, or film can successfully connect with your audience.
  • Yuri Tomikawa - Start Scrappy: Launch your Startup Today: Do you have an idea for a startup? Do you have a vague concept that you're not sure whether to move forward with? One of the most important first steps in launching a startup is figuring out if there is sufficient demand for your product. In this workshop, we'll explore the most cost and time-efficient way to test your minimum viable product before investing in an expensive product or service. Our exercises will be informed by The Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup approach, and my personal experience bootstrapping a technical product without any programming knowledge. By the end of the session, you'll have concrete steps for building a minimum viable product that you can begin testing immediately! You do not need technical knowledge or a technical product to join this workshop, as this methodology can be applied to any new business (including food, non-profit, in-person services.
  • Sharmin Attaran- Using Social Media to Build Your Brand: Learn how to design your own social media strategy! Dr. Attaran will guide attendees through a step by step actionable social media strategy for any business. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to develop and maintain an online presence, how to find and target the right audience, how to increase customer engagement and build relationships, how to drive traffic to increase leads/sales, and how to measure results, among other helpful strategies.

  • Jennifer Olenn- Dressing with Intention: What do you want people to feel when you walk into a room? In this interactive workshop we will discuss dressing with intention, how to find your style identity and why it matters. We'll use a simple questionnaire to identify your style goals and how to achieve them effectively and affordably.

women in finance PANEL

Cynthia Newman,  Pamela Kornblatt, Morgan Newman, Tuesday Brooks & Sylvia Kwan
Moderated by Tricia Fazio


ROUND 5 • 4-5PM


  • Belma McCaffrey - Work Bigger: Build Your Creativity, Improve Your Focus, Love Your Work: Do you want to do something BIG - start your own business, launch a freelance career or find a 9 to 5 you love, but you're not sure where to start? Are you constantly battling with indecision and uncertainty? The answer is in finding your mission. What do you want to accomplish, and why? Getting clear on this grounds you in moments of uncertainty. In this workshop, we’ll take you through exercises that get you closer to your mission so you know what you want, why you want it, and can make decisions with confidence.
  • Lesley Ware & Nicole Taylor - BOUND: Work Your Way to a Book Deal: Join Nicole A. Taylor Food Culturist (author -- The Up South Cookbook) and Lesley D. Ware The Creative Cookie (author -- My Fab Fashion Style File and Sew Fab: Sewing and Style For Young Fashionistas) for a course about their creative journeys and how to land a deal. Topics covered will include storytelling, building your brand, finding the right agent and proposal framework.
  • Maruta Vitols - Networking for Introverts: Let's face it: networking is crucial to your professional success, no matter your field. But what do you do if you're an introvert and speaking to strangers sounds like torture? Have no fear - this session is for you! This workshop will teach you networking strategies that help make it easier- even fun! - to meet new people and make new connections. 
  • Kate Ziegler - The Hustle is Real, and You're Not an Impostor: Kate Ziegler believes the hustle can save our souls: far from carrying its former negative connotation, "hustler" is now a title that evokes drive, determination, and an innovative spirit. The hustle can allow us to have it all - creative outlets, side businesses, broad networks, rewarding work, and jobs that pay the bills. In this workshop, Kate will discuss the merits of the hustle and how it can bring balance, and talk about how to manage it all and find connections between the disparate work you love. We’ll also address the specter of Impostor Syndrome, which impacts so many women in particular, especially in a gig/hustle economy where "career" becomes fluid and flexible. If you do the thing, you are the thing - the hustle is valid and real.
  • Kaitlyn Roberts & Brittanny Taylor - Food as Art: Explore the convergence of food and art in this playful workshop dedicated to both plating and presenting food, and capturing photos of food for Instagram and other social media outlets. Learn tips from the pros on food plating, Chef Kaitlyn Roberts and photography wizard Ms. Brittanny Taylor. This workshop is hands on - bring your phone and get ready for a fun time!
  • Nicole Loher - How Brands Work With Influencers: Influencers are the new celebrities. In this workshop, Nicole will review the current influencer landscape, as well as the various innovative ways brands elevating their brand awareness by partnering with influencers and offluencers.
  • Tricia Fazio & Renee Aloisio- Power of the Purse; How Business Women are Becoming Financially Savvy: Start making strong, strategic decisions for your business, quickly and with good judgment. By boosting your financial acumen, you can help fuel the success and longevity of your organization. 

    Whether you consider yourself numerically savvy or completely in the dark, there is no shame in your game towards achieving a higher financial IQ. Join Citrin Cooperman's Women Count for the insight and tools you need to get started.