Workshop Speakers: Round Five

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Mary Alice O'Connor

Mary Alice O’Connor joined the half full team full-time after lending her event planning and facilitation talents as a consultant for the past three years. Mary Alice has spent the last decade in the nonprofit field, serving primarily in development and communications roles. In her current role, she provides support with events: managing the 400 space, coordinating workshops, galas and other special events, and overseeing half full's database and communication systems.

A graduate of Providence College, Mary Alice also co-teaches classes through the Public and Community Service Department.


Rebecca Twitchell

Founder of half full, llc and passionate about connecting people and complements any strategic plan with a touch of creativity. Rebecca aspires to live each day as optimistically and realistically as possible. Her story is the backbone behind why half full exists. Go ahead and shake her hand, and ask for the left one.

Rebecca is also a Community Partner Faculty Member at the Providence College Feinstein Institute of Public Service and can be found belting out the latest tunes in her car in between client appointments.